Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Fun

The Salmonflys have come and gone on the Madison and Galatin Rivers but another season of summer fun is just getting started. This past week the Madison has seen some of the most prolific PMD hatches in recent memory and they were big juicy bugs too (size 14)! Your favorite pattern will work but the guides at our shop have had great luck with a size 14 rusty spinner. Long drifts in the middle water have been rising many nice fish using trudes on the Madison as well. If you want to use a nymph a large nonbeaded Prince Nymph fished around the rock features will pick up some nice fish. In the park the Firehole has been holding on with a good caddis hatch as well as some PMD's comming off. Stay away from the Firehole in the afternoons. The Madison in the Park is fishing best in the evenings with a rusty spinner and a elk hair caddis both in size 16. The northern rivers should be waking up and we will be getting more reports soon.