Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starting to get rolling again!

June 14, 2012 Welcome back! We are back on the blog and ready to unleash some new information! Hopefully we can continue to keep this updated with new shop personnel coming and should be able to roll out a new post each week. Let's get started with the good fishing right now! Firehole River: The Firehole is fishing well right now (if you can find a nice piece of water relatively alone). Throughout the day the clarity is good and there are plenty of PMD's coming off. Using a nice soft-hackle PMD or a size 12-16 PMD split wing is producing. Stoneflies are wrapping up in the canyon but you can still arouse a few fish. Best fished on overcast cloudy days. Gibbon River: The Gibbon is starting to produce as well. Slight morning hatch of BWO's and PMD's. Caddis will be starting in the evenings and hopefully Brown Drakes in the coming days. Mostly small fish but some large fish available if you are willing to work. Lower Madison: Bob expects Salmonfly hatch between the 15th and 20th of June at Ennis bridge! Hebgen Lake: Still good midge activity on the lake and yet to see a sign of Callibaetis yet. On a side note: Hebgen outflow was decreased by approximately 10% on tuesday and wednesday. The current outflow will be approximately 1500 cfs after today. Be sure to check in at the shop and talk to the "Shop Guys" for more current reports and selection of flies! Get out and bend a rod this weekend! And...Congratulations to our guide Rob Orsini on the birth of his son Vincent! Brian

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