Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rainy Days

Yellowstone National Park Firehole River- The water is currently too warm and we are not recommending anyone to fish this river. Gibbon River- The best fishing has been in the faster current just above and below Gibbon falls. Royal wulffs and royal trudes have been attracting those aggresive browns. Be sure to work your fly along the banks and over deep holes. The meadow stretch can be very productive in the evenings when there is a caddis or rusty spinner hatch occurring. Madison River- With the recent cooler weather, I would expect the Madison to fish well. Caddis, rusty spinners, and PMDs are sporatically hatching throughout the morning and evening. If the wind is down, hoppers, ants, and beetles have also be producing fish mid day. Yellowstone Lake- The best fishing continues to be near the shoreline's dropoff. Woolly buggers in black, olive, and brown are catching cruising cuts. Trolling a large spoon or a rapala has been attracting few deep lake trout. Yellowstone River- PMD's in the morning have been working well. Hoppers, ants, and october caddis are also great methods for fishing the big cuts. Caddis may start to emerge in the evenings so an x-caddis or iris caddis is a good pattern to keep in your vest. Lamar Valley- Hoppers have been the best pattern for fishing Lamar river and Slough creek. Soda Butte is still temporarily closed due to bear activity, but if you are willing to do a little walking, you can hike away from the closed area. It is wise to drop off a copper john or pheasant tail behind your hopper to maximize your chances of catching the wild trout. Montana Gallatin River- Caddis and bushy stimulator patterns have been working well on this famous river. Nymphing a copper john or prince nymph in a deep hole or behind a rock is always encouraged. The water below taylor's fork may be slightly cloudy due to the recent storms we have been having. Hebgen Lake- The calibaetis hatch continues to be spotty for those wishing to fish drys. When the calibaetis aren't coming off, stripping woolly buggers continue to catch trout when nothing else will. Between Hebgen and Quake- Rusty spinners and bushy stimulators work well in the evenings. Sparkle stones or red copper johns are great nymphs to drop below your dry. The best days of fishing are on calm evenings when the sun is out. Below Quake- Rusty spinners have been hatching in the late evenings along with few caddis. Hoppers and ants work well mid day with a pheasant tail dropped below it. If the wind is down, you may be in for an incredible night of dry fly fishing. Idaho Henry's Lake- The fishing continues to be hit and miss. The trout are still congregated near the inlets of the lake, but few fisherman are having great days. Brown woolly buggers in the early morning have been producing fish. Henry's lake renegade is another great pattern when the sun begins to rise, and the trout begin looking for smaller nymphs. -Dillon Given

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